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Why Is Web Design Important?

The success of your site and its ability to convert traffic into customers leans heavily on good web design. Your site is the digital version of you and represents your messaging, reputation, and reliability.

Web Design In A Pandemic

First Impressions Make the Difference

Well Designed Sites Inspire Brand Confidence

Promoting Consistency and Brand Standards

Staying Updated: Taking On Your Competitors

Why is Web Design Important?

Web Design In A Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has permanently changed how people shop. Whether you were an avid online shopper or preferred to browse store aisles, the pandemic significantly altered daily routines resulting in significant opportunities to leverage their online presence. According to McKinsey & Company, the pandemic created a brand “Loyalty Shake-Up”. With consumer essentials out of stock, consumers were left with no alternative but to purchase a different brand. Overall, 39% of US consumers switched brands during the pandemic leaving the door wide open for agile companies to fill the void.

Year over year, people are spending more time online and businesses need a digital presence that is visually appealing, user friendly, and relevant in order to provide the best opportunity for revenue growth.

Superior web design takes advantage of this shift in customer behavior re-engaging old customers and attracting new ones. Conversely, a poorly designed website is frustrating, distracting and causes users to leave before fulfilling their needs.

Ultimately, you are judged by your site’s looks, content, ease of use, and relevance. It sets the first impression, promotes your search engine optimization, builds audience trust, creates consistency and standards, and keeps you current among your competitors.

1. First Impressions Make the Difference

94% of website first impressions are design related with a whopping 73% of companies investing in website and brand design. Your website is the company and brand’s face you present to your audience. When potential customers visit your site, their first impression determines if they will continue their session or simply move to a more engaging site. This initial impression occurs in the first few seconds making it critical that you capture the customer’s imagination resulting in a longer visit. The longer they're engaged, the greater the opportunity to convert.

Key Points

  • Unappealing sites result in lost leads, revenue, and profit.

  • Successful web design helps maintain current contacts, identify new opportunities, and generate conversions.

2. Good Design Helps Improve Your SEO

You can have the best design in existence, but if your content isn’t compelling enough to read, then no amount of clever photography or interactive elements will save you. SEO fundamentals are what decides which information appears first during web searches.

Web design has to work behind the scenes to ensure that it maximizes all SEO components. If the foundation of your site's SEO isn't solid, you won't be able to improve your website's visibility in turn losing out on traffic.

What Improves Onsite SEO

Onsite SEO relevance rests on your ability to create content that deserves to be ranked. Google dominates 86% of online searches so delivering content Google rewards is essential to improving search rank.

  • Writing relevant page titles and meta-descriptions is just a start.

  • Keywords and phrases can be researched based on volume, industry, and competitor utilization.

  • Relevant imagery (with relevant tags and alt text)

Technical SEO is an unsung hero in the optimization world when it comes to ranking.

Technical SEO ensures that your website is quick to load, easy to navigate, and free of any technical issues which would otherwise prevent it from being understood by search engines.

  • Google knows slow web pages offer a less than optimal experience and ranks them lower automatically.

  • If your website loads quickly, has no dead links and is secure, Google’s crawlers will give it an extra boost in search rankings.

The best way to ensure proper web design SEO practices is to partner up with web design experts that know what they’re doing.

3. Well Designed Sites Inspire Brand Confidence

Your website is a reflection of your company. If it doesn't have any design or content, then visitors can tell that you won’t be putting effort into helping them with their needs and problems

If your website looks relevant, authoritative, and modern, guests will feel more welcome on the page - you give off an open vibe that says " Come in!" Your site should be designed so people can easily find what they're looking for without any difficulty or confusion as this promotes confidence among potential clients.

If someone walked into your business, you would want them to be greeted with enthusiasm. An updated web design can make visitors feel welcomed, reflect your personality, and understand your values.

4. Promoting Consistency and Brand Standards

Web design is an essential part of building a brand, and it's even more important when you're looking to attract new customers. A website creates consistency across all your digital presence but also can unify your physical collateral as well.

Brands that don't maintain consistency can seem messy, untrustworthy and unlikeable. Great brand standards go beyond the basics to provide even more clarity and uniformity for a company's image. These important rules include what types of logos can be used, which font is preferred (or not), as well as color restrictions on everything from packaging materials all the way down to how marketing material looks when printed out at home versus digitally through email or social media channels.

5. Staying Updated: Taking On Your Competitors

Your competitors are already utilizing web based solutions for their businesses - web design, SEO, and digital marketing. In order to keep up with them, you need to invest in your digital presence.

Your website should stand out from the competition. If you have an old, outdated and low-quality site it will be harder for your business to beat competitors with better designed websites that perform well in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Websites are an opportunity for your business to showcase features that make you unique. By showing off these reasons why people should choose the company, it'll be easier than ever before to attract new customers!

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