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Case Studies
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Case Study #1

Industry: Electronics Manufacturing


The primary objective was to update the corporate image of this 30+ year old company to align with its state-of-the-art technical manufacturing capabilities.


Secondarily, to promote their new image through a combination of increased organic online leads and exposure to new opportunities at trade shows.


Since historical digital analytics was limited, we started with detailed team discussions to better understand customer retention and new customer acquisition.

The solution was to align the outward appearance of the company with the sophistication of the company's high-tech manufacturing process. It became even more crucial to have their branding reflect their identity in a COVID-19 world where your online presence was the primary link to the customer. 


Implementation Steps

  • Understand corporate strategy

  • Create a virtual bridge - perception vs. reality

  • Create cohesive brand strategy and standardization guide

  • Redesign website, promotional materials, logo & signage

  • Implement actionable branding plan

  • Optimize on-site SEO and Google My Business


  • Increased Google traffic by 270% in 12 months

  • Increased returning site visitors by 15% in 3 months

  • Increased online lead generation by 60% in 6 months

  • Improved Gross Revenue by 140% in 12 months

Electronic Manufacturing Case Study

Case Study #2

Industry: Mental Health & Addiction Recovery


The initial objective was to rectify the disconnect between site, collateral, and brand image and their elite recovery services. This required on-page content creation and brand unification in order to pinpoint target audiences, improve exposure, increase paid and organic traffic, and generate more qualified leads. 

Additional objectives:

  • Increase online visibility

  • Grow relevant organic traffic

  • Improve domain relevance and authority

  • Improve SEO rankings

  • Market to relevant demographics

  • Generate more organic leads


Completed site analysis including an SEO audit, content quality, and brand persona. This allowed us to confirm the primary audience, key markets as we rebuilt the website, began marketing campaigns implemented a 12 month SEO plan, and updated collateral materials.  

Implementation Steps

  • Identify audience and key markets

  • Redesigned the website with the pillar and cluster strategy

  • Generate marketing contact lists & initiate email campaigns

  • Coordinate organic and paid marketing efforts

  • Integrate both social and marketing platforms into the website

  • Began content outreach and improving backlink profiles


  • Increased organic web traffic by 20% over 6 months

  • Increased paid traffic by 800% in 3 months

  • Increased lead generation by 200% in 12 months

  • Generated record revenue growth in 6 months

Case Study #3

Industry: Apparel & Safety Gear (Ecommerce)



To take a start-up textile based company with no existing market visibility and provide a go to market plan. This included industry research, brand development, logo & website creation, as well as product development, marketing & financial (including P&L and COG) planning, on-page content creation, and qualified lead acquisition.


By becoming a full on add-on marketing department for this start-up, our objectives were to build a brand from the ground up. We were engaged to develop the corporate persona and go to market plan. This required in-depth research and analysis, careful financial planning, and pragmatic marketing.


Implementation Plan

  • Conduct competitor, industry, and market research

  • Create and analyze focus groups

  • Develop, launch, and maintain two websites

  • Develop sales plans including branding and collateral

  • Design product packaging 

  • Acquire suppliers and vendors

  • Implement brand combination program

  • Create trade show signage and materials


  • Decreased COGs from 60% to less than 30%

  • Generated 30% traffic growth in the past quarter

  • Grew social media audience by 2700% in the past 12 months

  • Increased direct online sales by 58% in 2021

Military Inspired

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Quality web design is critical to creating seamless user experience and generating extended engagement that results in conversions.

  • Site Review & Audit

  • Competition Research

  • Wireframing & UI Design

  • Creative Graphic Design

  • Copy Writing

  • Optimization, UX, & Launch



Understanding the industry, available white space & unique selling propositions generate more qualified leads & conversions.

  • On-Page SEO Optimization

  • Off-Page SEO Optimization

  • Technical SEO Optimization

  • Content Creation

  • Mobile UX & Responsiveness

  • Audience Identification

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Leverage the power of social media, pay-per-click, and email campaigns to turn an audience into a customer. 

  • Organic Marketing

  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing

  • Social Advertising

  • Email Campaigns

  • Contact List Generation

  • Social Media Management

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