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Mental Health, Trauma, & Substance Abuse Treatment

Chateau Recovery has helped thousands of people to overcome mental health, behavioral, and substance use challenges. Our main objective was to rectify the disconnect between site, collateral, and brand image and their elite recovery services. 

  • Unify branding across all media

  • Expand core demographic

  • Reach target audience

  • Increase paid & organic traffic

  • Generate more qualified leads

  • Website Design

  • Content Creation

  • Blog & Collateral Creation

  • Email Campaigns

  • PPC Marketing

  • SEO Management

  • +32% organic traffic in 1 year
  • +826% paid traffic in 3 months
  • +215% lead gen in 1 year
  • Record revenue in first quarter
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Grammy Award Winning Bluegrass Artist

A founding member of Steep Canyon Rangers, Woody has won numerous awards collaborating with with the likes of Steve Martin, Del McCoury, and Jerry Douglas. Our objective was to create a site that transitioned Woody from a member of a group to a solo performer and promoted his passions. 

  • Build a cohesive site that features music, fly-fishing, real estate, and land conservation

  • Generate traffic for ticket sales with external platforms

  • Website Design

  • Content Creation

  • Collateral Creation

  • Event Registration

  • +263% site visit over 90 days

  • +245% unique site visitors in 6 months

Prototyping and Full Production Electronics Assembly

Imperial Electronic's expertise ranges from printed circuit board assembly to cable and harness manufacturing, to completed electro-mechanical rack and black box assembly. Our main objective was to overhaul the website, branding, and sales materials to mirror their high tech operation.

  • Create cohesive brand strategy

  • Redesign website, promotional materials, logo & signage

  • Increase website traffic

  • Generate more qualified leads

  • Website Design

  • Collateral Creation

    • Corporate Logo

    • Tradeshow Booth

    • HQ Signage

    • Shipping Materials

  • +273% traffic in 12 months

  • +60% lead gen in 6 months

  • +147% gross revenue in 1 year

A Coastal Spirit Meets Appalachian Roots

Shannon is an visual artist, songwriter, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist and has collected praise for her honest reinterpretation of Americana. Her work is anchored in the dual landscapes of North and South Carolina. Our main objective was to rebuild her digital presence and set-up a functional e-commerce platform for her artwork and print shop.

  • Create a clean, simple e-commerce site design that showcases art and prints

  • Combine three business categories; art, music, and design.

  • Create a shipping model that provides the best price.

  • Website Design

  • Ecommerce

  • Digital Marketing Campaigns

  • Website Branding Guide

  • SEO Management

  • +368% revenue in 2 months

  • +76% traffic in 2 months


Dynamic Websites.

Targeted Marketing.

Optimized SEO.

Our digital design group delivers successful websites and integrated marketing programs that are elegant, cost-effective and easy to maintain. 

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Optimizing a site results in improved user experience through enhanced intuitiveness and responsiveness, faster loading times, and reduced data consumption. 

We increase site visibility and improve content ranking by optimizing media, caching resources, and targeting high-ranking keywords for increased traffic and higher engagement.

Process_Create Header

Creating an effective website requires successfully combining your strategy and design to produce an impactful, targeted user interface (UI) that breaks through competitive clutter.

We create sites in a layered approach; UX wireframing, development, branding, and content creation allowing for superior connectivity without losing your vision.

Process_Design Header

Optimizing your design will result in an unmatched user experience (UX), site recognition, and visitor engagement. Superior UX increases conversions and generates revenue.

We design sites with your goals and audience demographics as a priority. By leveraging your consumers' preferences, we maximize usability, engagement, and visitor satisfaction. ​

Process_Implement Header

A proper implementation strategy will optimize your website, ensure your brand's credibility and build a strong foundation for growth before launch.

We review content, functionality, browser and device compatibility, SEO optimization, performance, security, analytics, social media integrations, and legal compliance. 

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Process_Strategy Header

The foundation of a successful site begins with a cohesive and focused strategy that is meticulously implemented to achieve your site development goals. 

Our philosophy is that data and creativity work together in perfect harmony. This enables us to create sites that are not only visually stunning but also highly effective.


We assess a site's technical, SEO, and usability to optimize performance, user experience, and search engine visibility.


We craft exceptional user experiences (UX) by enhancing usability, accessibility, and efficiency, resulting in standout user interfaces (UI).


We meticulously test and optimize your site before launch, ensuring seamless functionality, compatibility, and user experience across devices. 

Creative. Impactful. Focused.


We employ proven organic strategies to drive targeted traffic, boost your online presence, and connect with your audience. 


Our expertly crafted PPC campaigns accelerate visibility and drive immediate results to maximize conversions and ROI.


We craft engaging content & implement effective strategies to amplify your brand, build connections, and drive growth.

Unique. Targeted. Optimized.


We optimize your website's on-page elements, including meta tags, keyword placement, and content structure, to enhance search engine visibility and drive organic traffic.


We employ strategic link building, brand mentions, and online reputation management to enhance your website's authority and visibility in search engines.


We conduct in-depth website audits, optimize site speed, fix crawl errors, and implement structured data to ensure search engines can effectively crawl, index, and rank your website.

Strategic. Dynamic. Effective.

Meet Brigantine

Our boutique South Carolina based digital design company specializes in creating custom projects for small, medium, and large businesses. We're dedicated to delivering high-quality and user-friendly sites and marketing plans that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Digital Integration Officer / Partner

Steve Weiss

Steve combines 35 years of business expertise and creative thinking to unlock brand growth. His cross-functional approach fosters innovation, enabling teams to identify opportunities and drive profits. A proud graduate of Indiana University School of Business, he embraces their motto, "Lux et Veritas" – Light and Truth.

Director Digital Design Innovation / Partner

Ben Weiss

Ben brings over 15 years of freelance graphic design, digital media, marketing campaigns, ecommerce, and IT. He leverages data analytics to enhance user experience and conversions. His expertise spans site design, branding, SEO, and server-side operations across public and private sectors.

Director Market Engagement / Partner

Nicole Conte

Nicole brings over 10 years of media buying, account management, and digital marketing. She is well-versed in Google Marketing Platform (Formerly DoubleClick & MediaVisor), DataXu, Beeswax, Digilant, IBM Digital Analytics (Coremetrics), and MediaBank. Nicole holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame.

Visual Strategy Director

Mimi Southard

With over 20 years of experience in art education, Mimi is a skilled professional in photography, graphic design, and multimedia projects. Her eclectic style, influenced by living in Paris and traveling the world, blends meticulous attention to detail with a focus on simplicity. Mimi holds a Master's Degree in Art Education from Southern Connecticut State University.

Director of Web and App Development

Alex VanRielly

Alex brings over 15 years of software engineering experience in both B2B and B2C industries. He is dedicated to developing top-notch software and apps using cutting-edge technologies with a focus on efficiency. Alex's expertise spans SaaS architecture, responsive web apps, and Android and iOS apps, both public and private sectors.


Bluffton, SC | Redding, CT | Denver, CO

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